FAQ: How to Install an Air Vest in Your Bison Suit or Jacket

With six available options of brands/makes of compatible air vests, our AirHide equipped suits and jackets are the most versatile on the market. You may think this is too good to be true, but you will find zero compromise in safety, weight, mobility or price. While this versatility is indeed a great thing, we have received a lot of questions from clients asking how to install various vests into the suits.  Here you go! 

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How to install an air vest into your Bison AirHide suit:

  1. Alpinestars TechAir Race
  2. Alpinestars TechAir5
  3. Buckle-front tether vests (examples: Helite Turtle, Duhan)
  4. In&Motion vests (Klim, RST, Ixon, etc.)

    TechAir Race:

    1. Unzip inner liner starting at lower right torso. 

    2. Un-velcro the left sleeve at the cuff and above the zipper, then un-velcro the right arm. 

    3. Remove the yellow back protector pad in the liner by accessing the flap at the bottom of the pad inside the liner. Set it aside. You will not wear this protector with this air vest.

    4. Locate the velcro behind the rubber LED tab on the left forearm and separate the velcro backing, keeping it close by. 

    5. Insert the TechAir LED harness (sold separately) into the left arm by starting at the shoulder arm hole and running the LED end down the arm to the rubber tab. Reach up through the cuff and grab the LEDs then pull them down to the forearm. NOTE: The LED harness is not included with the vest or the Bison Thor.2 suit. You must purchase this part separately, directly from Alpinestars.

    6. Press the LED lights into the rubber arm tab and replace the velcro over the top to secure in place.

    7. Route the plug end of the harness through the elastic eyelets in the shoulder and along the sides of the speed hump.

    8. Route the plug through the grommet in the lower back of the inner liner. 

    9. Put the liner arm back into place but do not zip the liner yet.

    10. Locate the velcro tabs on the suit liner in five points: rectangle at the back of the collar, two circles at top of shoulders, and two rectangles in upper arms. Remove the backing (if installed).

    11. Adhere the TechAir Race vest to each velcro point. Start with the upper arm rectangles, then move to the circle shoulder velcros. Finally, attach the rectangle point at the middle of the shoulders.

    12. Plug the LED harness into the back of the TechAir vest (switch “on” if ready to use). 

    13. Set the vest in the suit and rezip the inner liner.

    14. Zip the vest to the suit using the two zippers on the chest.

    15. Consult your Alpinestars manual for power-up and use instructions.

 TechAir 5:

    1. Unzip your Bison suit and lay it flat on a surface as open as possible.

    2. Unzip the inner liner starting at the lower right torso.

    3. Remove the yellow back protector pad in the Bison suit and set it aside. You will not wear this protector with this air vest (see photos above for reference).

    4. Zip the liner back into the suit.

    5. Lay the vest inside the suit, making sure to push the upper arms into place.

    6. While keeping the vest stationary in the suit, get the lower half of the suit on your body.

    7. Grab the upper half of the suit - along with the vest - and carefully pull it up onto your shoulders. We recommend inserting just one arm at a time if possible. NOTE: Because this vest does not attach to the suit and has a different style back protector/charge location, you may have to try different methods and make multiple attempts to get into the suit while using this vest. 

    8. Zip the vest inside the suit. Ensure the indicator lights come on, then zip the suit.

    9. Pay special attention to the speed hump area as well as the upper shoulders, as this vest can bunch up and create discomfort in those areas. The speed hump foam inside the suit may be removed and trimmed to make additional clearance for the TechAir5 equipment if needed.

 Buckle-style tether vests:

    1. Remove the upper section of the inner liner by unzipping it at the lower torso and un-velcroing the arms at the cuffs and above the forearm zippers. 

    2. Pull the arms up out of the suit and pull the liner out to expose the inside of the torso.

    3. Lay the air vest in the suit and put the tether buckle through the port in the lower right torso.

    4. Insert the buckles through the six slots on each side of the suit’s main zipper.

    5. Reinstall the inner liner.

    6. Attach the tether lanyard to your motorcycle’s subframe (see vest owners manual).

    7. Buckle the vest before zipping the leathers, once on the bike attach the lanyard to the tether buckle on the vest.

    8. Please note some of these vests may use the Bison factory-installed back protector, others may not. We recommend keeping the back pad in place if it is comfortable for you while using the vest.

 In&Motion products:

    1. In&Motion vests are made to wear right under the leathers.

    2. Unzip the inner liner starting at the lower right torso.

    3. Remove the yellow back protector pad in the Bison suit and set it aside. You will not wear this protector with this air vest.

    4. Zip the liner back into the suit.

    5. Put the vest on and secure it, ensuring activation.

    6. Get into your leathers and go ride!

We hope this instructional blog was helpful. As always if you have any additional questions or concerns you can reach out to us at info@bisontrack.com or call us at 405-252-0484! 

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