Bison Thor.2 Motorcycle Racing Gloves, Roots Edition

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Our Thor.2 Roots Collection are a nod to the racetracks from which Bison grew into the company it is today. The cuff features track layouts of: Hallett Motor Racing Circuit, Heartland Park Topeka, Motorsports Ranch, MSR Houston, NOLA Motorsports, and our late, beloved Texas World Speedway (RIP). Cuff piping emblazoned with our tagline reminds the wearer to “Go Fast, Be Safe”.

Most importantly the Roots Collection come with all the standard features our Thor.2 gauntlets:

  • Full kangaroo hide chassis.
  • Reinforced finger tips and palm for added wear resistance.
  • Stingray palm sliders backed with comfort foam.
  • Double padded knuckles with vented protectors.
  • Stingray slider panels on outer sides for added abrasion resistance.
  • Pull tabs on thumb and wrist for easier ingress.
  • Accordion joints at all knuckles for maximum comfort and mobility.
  • Bison-exclusive Active Wrist Impact System (AWIS) performs unlike any other glove on the market, both in terms of mobility and protection of the wrist bones in an impact.
  • Pinky/ring finger bridge standard (can be built without).
  • Double layers of hide on entire outside edge of glove for maximum protection without sacrificing mobility.
  • Rubber “Bison” brand elements.
  • Extended length cuffs with crossover fastening system allow for maximum protection as well as greater range of adjustment.


California Disclosure
The state of California has banned the sale of all items containing kangaroo leather. Therefore, Bison Track LLC does not import, import for sale, sell or ship products made with kangaroo leather to customers in the State of California.



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