Cambox V4 Pro Helmet Camera

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By using the Cambox V4 and thanks to its 5 exclusive benefits that will make the difference during your adventures, forget all the cameras that you knew before. 

Foolproof ergonomics. A user-friendly action camera thanks to its vibration motor and its light indicators. It adapts to all situations and to all supports. Your best video assistant to record all of your best feats!

Safety first. No modifications or mounts are required on the external shell of your helmet. Thus, in the event of a fall or a crash, the Cambox does not represent any risks for its user.

Look at this discreet design. Only a few millimeters thick, the Cambox perfectly adapts to the shape of your visor. Protected from shocks and out of sight, your action camera becomes almost invisible.

The lightest on the market. 4x lighter than its competitors. The Cambox V4 is an ultra-light & ultra-thin action camera that respects your helmet balance.

Choose a color according to your taste. The wide variety of colors & finishes will turn your Cambox into a trendy asset of your gear. You can also customize your camera with your name, racing team name, horse name or favorite number. Use your imagination (optional).

Made in France

Manufactured and hand-assembled with ❤️ in our workshop in Nantes, France.

Extend your field of vision. The Cambox V3 integrates a 135° Sony wide angle lens of 8 million pixel offering a true immersive vision that reveals every details. You can even adjust the camera lens angle up and down from -5° to 30° depending on your activities.

You will love your onboard videos.

The Cambox V4 integrates numerous embedded technologies and is designed to adapt to all activities for you to create unique content.

A camera connected to your smartphone. Thanks to its integrated wifi antenna, connect and interact at anytime with your Cambox V4 from your smartphone or a tablet thanks to our app.

Receive with your Cambox V4 several essentials to record all of your most beautiful emotions.

  • ambox V4 Pro
  • USB-C cable
  • One Velcro fastener
  • One fabric pouch
  • One metallic reset pin
  • One lens cleaning wipe
  • One quickstart guide

In order to reduce our carbon footprint, you will receive your Cambox in its protective case. The Cambox does not come in a packaging.

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