2021 Sponsored Riders

We take immense pride in each member of The Herd and we do our best to help build each Rider's brand through photography, videos and bios throughout the year.

Sponsored Riders receive a discount on all Bison-branded items as well as additional perks throughout the season such as complimentary trackside cleanup on their Bison gear including minor repairs and an exclusive first look at new products including access to pre-production items.

Our 2022 Sponsorship Application window is now closed! The sponsorship application window is open every October to select Sponsored Riders for the following year. If you would like to submit an application outside of the sponsorship window, please email us at info@bisontrack.com with the subject: SPONSORED RIDER APPLICATION. We will assess all applications received outside of the sponsorship window on a one-on-one basis.

2021 Bison Track Pro Series Sponsored Riders



2021 Bison Track Sponsored Riders



2021 Bison Track Sponsored Riders Pro Series

Poster Designed By Jessica Johnk


Photo Credit

RICKS PICS: Andrew Gold, Cooper McDonald, John Seuberling

Steve Hardy: Austin Miller

Karen E. Ott Photography: Brady Fors, Drew Vandal, Jake Vandal, Kris Lillegard

Jessica Johnk: Andrew Lee, Isaiah Burleson, Ryne Snooks, Tony Storniolo

At The Apex Photos: Chandler Slagle

Darin Morrell: Chris Clark

Daniel Jang: Kayla Theisler

Steve Midgley Photography: Justin Delong

Sara Chappell: Jody Barry, Teagg Hobbs

Jen Muecke: Trisha Dahl

Etech Photos: Tyler Jackson

Brian J. Nelson: Carl Soltisz, Keagan Brown, Walt Sipp