Measurement Central

Bison protects our customers with the most comprehensive Fitment Guarantee in the industry. The best way to get measured (and guaranteed) is to visit an AMP at a venue or event. If that’s not an option, an AMP can also guide you through our detailed 30-point measurement chart via a virtual measurement appointment.

If you plan to measure via a virtual measurement appointment, there is some due diligence required on your behalf. Here are the things you will need to do in order to ensure a Fitment Guarantee:

  1. Complete the Fitment Guarantee Pre-Checklist. This ensures you have watched and understand the YouTube video(s) and have taken the appropriate steps to prepare for the virtual measurement appointment, and that you understand our Fitment Guarantee Policy
  2. Watch the Bison instructional video(s) on YouTube IN FULL with your measurement buddy. We recommend taking notes while watching the video so you can remember the key tips and ask specific questions during the virtual measurement appointment.
  3. Have all tools outlined above available for your virtual measurement appointment.
  4. Plan to be in a quiet, well-lit area without distractions to perform your virtual measurement appointment.
  5. Please have the following intake forms up to fill out. Your GCS cannot type/write your measurements during the appointment.

    Custom Suit Intake Form

    Custom Gloves Intake Form

    Custom Jacket Intake Form


When you follow these steps we provide a Fitment Guarantee. It fits you, or we fix it. If you measure on your own or do not follow the above steps we can only guarantee that the suit is built to the specifications you provide.

Blog: How to Take Measurements and What to Expect

Submitting Your Measurements

We have a couple of different options to submit your measurements. You can schedule a virtual measurement appointment with your Gear Customization Specialist, or follow the self-guided video tutorials below:

Self-guided Video Tutorial - Suits



Self-guided Video Tutorial - Gloves


You can submit your measurements using the Measurement Intake Form for Suits and/or Gloves or the Measurement Chart below. Handwritten measurements will not be accepted. They must be typed or submitted through one of our Google forms listed above.

Bison Measurement Chart Suit and Gloves

Don’t worry, nothing will go into production until we finalize your design and have your completed measurements. Lead time is approximately 6-8 weeks once the order goes into production.

Keep in mind: To be covered by our Fitment Guarantee, you must be measured in person or virtually by an Authorized Measurement Partner (AMP).