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To help get you started with your custom design, click the link to our catalog that includes some pre-designed suits for inspiration.

2021 Bison Track Catalog

Designing Your Gear

We believe your gear should be a reflection of you, and we're here to guide you step by step throughout the entire process. So we can tell your story, please click the link below to create your Custom Design Profile.

Custom Design Profile

We also have some blank templates and leather colors if you would like to start designing from scratch with the available colors in mind!

Suit Template

Thor.1 Gloves Template

Thor.2 Gloves Template

Jacket Template

Pit Shirt Template

Leather Colors

You’ll receive an initial design mockup for review, typically within 3 business days after we receive your completed profile. The process includes an initial design and two rounds of revisions, with additional revisions available at $25 each.