Fitment Guarantee Gloves

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What happens to a custom item when it's exchanged under our Fitment Guarantee or due to blemish? Well in some cases the item is repatched and recolored for resale! That's what you see here: great items which are fully functional and safe, offered at a discounted rate. Please note these items may have slight cosmetic issues such as discoloration, stitch holes from prior patches or scuffs due to transport (as many have been used for trackside display). In addition, these items are sold AS-IS and do not carry any type of fitment guarantee nor are they covered by our 2-year warranty.

Thor.1 Gloves - Retail $199 - Fitment Guarantee Price $175

Thor.2 Gloves - Retail $299 - Fitment Guarantee Price $275

Thor.3 Gloves - Retail $199 - Fitment Guarantee Price $175