How to Take Measurements and What to Expect

At Bison we understand the measurement process can be daunting. Fortunately, not only are we here to make the process easy, we also protect our customers with the most comprehensive Fitment Guarantee in the industry! No other custom suit company in the industry offers virtual measurement appointments, let alone a fitment guarantee on said measurements!

So you’re ready to order and now you know we are going to assist, but how exactly does a virtual measurement appointment work? Here’s what you’ll need to complete the process and get your Fitment Guarantee:

Secure your required items:

  • A cloth measuring tape in CENTIMETERS. The CM thing is important, because while we can convert from inches to CM, our experience is that the conversion is an opportunity for error. We want to eliminate as many opportunities for mistakes as possible, therefore we require a centimeter tape.
  • An undersuit or similar tight-fitting clothing. We don’t want excess material throwing off the measurements. You’ll need snug clothing for this.
  • Any armor or air vest you plan to use under the leathers. If you’re planning to use items like a back/chest protector or air vest under your suit, you’ll need to have them available and wear them during the measurement session.

Recruit a buddy or a loved one to measure you. You can’t measure yourself. Trust me - I’ve tried. It just doesn’t work. Find someone willing to hold the tape and measure you.

With your selected measurement partner, watch our YouTube tutorial start-to-finish. Watching our instructional video will help you wrap your head around the process and you may find that you have some questions about specific dimensions. Write those questions down so we can answer them later. Watching with your measurement partner means you’ll have two sets of eyes during the process, which is ideal.

Schedule a virtual measurement appointment. Once your order is placed and you’ve done the above steps, we’ll help set up a virtual appointment to guide you through the process and ensure you’re taking all the little nuances of the process into account as you go. 

Keep in mind we require all the above steps to be followed in order for us to offer you the Fitment Guarantee. The above bullet points will ensure we do everything possible to help you record accurate measurements remotely. Now you’re well on your way to having the gear of your dreams. Once we have your measurements and design approved you can expect to have the new suit and/or gloves in hand in just 6-8 weeks! 

“What if it doesn’t fit?”


We expect your new Bison gear to fit snugly when new, with some loose areas when standing. Your gear should not be baggy nor uncomfortably tight. In the instance that you feel you may have a fitment issue, we only ask that you send documentation of the areas of concern along with photos while wearing the suit in a standing position as well as on a motorcycle in a riding position. This will allow us to assess things visually and determine the next course of action. We may ask you to retake and confirm some measurements, and mail the gear to us for review. Once this is done we will determine if alterations or replacement is necessary. 

We know that you will find your new Bison gear to look and perform above and beyond your expectations, but we also pride ourselves in providing the best customer experience in the industry! If at any point you feel uncomfortable before or during the order process please contact us so we can assist you. Thank you for your consideration and your business, and welcome to The Herd!

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