Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Bison?

We know there are a lot of great companies out there who can get you in a suit. We also know that there is no other company who offers a one-on-one experience catered just for you, at the price we do, and certainly not while providing the pro-level quality you’ll find in your Bison gear. The bottom line is this: You’re treated like a pro no matter who you are, and your gear will be built with the same care and materials whether you’re riding on the street or on the television. We’re also a family-owned business with a true passion for motorcycle road racing and the people who make the sport great.


What does the order process look like?

The great thing about a Bison kit is that it is built just for you, from measurements to colors and logos. Once you place your order on our website, you will receive an order confirmation with some very important next steps. (Please check your spam folder if you do not receive this email within five minutes of placing your order.) We work one-on-one with you to design the suit and gloves of your dreams. Due to demand, our team is unable to work on designs without a paid order in our system.


Are there templates I can choose from to design my suit?

Completely lost on where you want to start the design process? Yes, we provide pre-designed templates in the Design Central to help get your imagination running. You can modify these templates in various programs on your computer, or even print them out and color them with crayons or pencils. From there we’ll take over and digitize your work. We create a unique design for our customers and we do this at no additional charge! Here's an example of a design sent to us from a customer on paper, followed by the digital render and finally, the finished product!

Custom Suit Design Template


How do I get measured?

The best way to get measured (and guaranteed) is to visit an Authorized Measurement Partner (AMP) at a venue or event. Our Trackside Calendar lists all of the events where you can expect to find our AMPs. If that’s not an option, an AMP can also guide you through our detailed 30-point measurement chart via a virtual measurement appointment. To be covered by Bison's Fitment Guarantee, you must be measured in person or virtually by an AMP. If you plan to measure via a virtual measurement appointment, there is some due diligence required on your behalf. At Bison we understand the measurement process can be daunting. Fortunately, not only are we here to make the process easy, we’re going to protect you with a Fitment Guarantee if you follow our process! In other words: we’re going to try our best to make sure you can’t screw it up. No other custom suit company in the industry offers virtual measurement appointments, let alone a fitment guarantee on said measurements!


Where are Bison products constructed?

Most of our goods are produced in Sialkot, Pakistan by some of the world’s best leathersmiths. We have researched and tested the work of many suppliers overseas, met face-to-face with factory representatives and partnered only with the suppliers we feel are the best in the industry. Bison specifies only certified genuine leather, genuine YKK zippers, top-quality Kevlar fabric, and certified CE-rated armor. Aside from our leather goods, some of our other gear and apparel are produced in the USA and China.


What type of warranties and guarantees am I protected by?

All Bison gear is covered by a 2-year limited workmanship warranty prior to any crash incidents. Due to the nature of the sport and the fact that every crash scenario is unique, no manufacturer can warranty against crash damage. See our full Warranty Policy here.

We also protect you with a Fitment Guarantee when you get measured by an Authorized Measurement Partner following our guidelines! It fits you, or we fix it. If you took the measurements yourself following our guidelines we only ask that you participate by paying shipping to and from a Bison Authorized Alterations Partner.

If we replace a product due to fitment issues, we take the original product back, de-patch it and repurpose it. As a small business, this is our way of being able to provide this fitment guarantee and recover some of our costs.


What does the timeline of a typical order look like?

The design process can be completed in as quickly as 24 hours, however it isn’t unusual for us to spend time with the customer tweaking and modifying designs. This means the design time varies greatly from customer to customer. Our average design time is about two weeks but again - this is dependent on how intricate the design is and how quickly you make the decision to finalize the design. Once said design is approved and we have measurements, completed suit and/or gloves are typically in your hands in under 60 days!