Bison Rider Feature: Jojo Clark, Clark Racing

Welcome to our first Bison Rider Feature! This has been a long time coming, as we're excited to tell the stories of our riders. After all, we're a company that feels your story and your personality are important. We encourage our clients to allow us to include design elements in their custom kits which tell a story about the wearer. We want your gear to be a reflection of you. 

The first story we want to share with you is that of a young CMRA racer out of Texas, Jojo Clark. One of our first youth racers, Jojo's Bison kit is one of the paddock favorites, with bright contrasting colors and asymmetrical design. In fact Jojo's livery was the winning design in our "fan favorite" contest which included 36 different designs! In 2019 Jojo was the Jr. Motard Champion, and thus far in the 2020 CMRA season Jojo sits second in the Jr. Motard points standings with 3/3 podium finishes. 

Read on to see why Jojo is one of the coolest kids on the CMRA grid!

- How long have you been riding/racing?
Riding for 3 yrs & racing 1 yr so far
- What are your current bike(s)?
Yamaha ttr 50 & 110
- What area/orgs are you riding with?
CMRA & my own backyard track!
- What is your favorite track and why?
Hallett Because it was my first track and the bus stop.
Jojo aboard his racebike in CMRA races
- What is your ideal track/race day?
Bike and track combo Hallet Ok track not raining and actually racing if the virus will go away!
- Is there anyone who has influenced your decision to ride or race? Someone that you look up to or gives great advice?
MY DAD! He is always helping me and I want to grow up to be as fast as him. My dad is the one who motivates me and helps me every step.
- What are your riding plans for the next year or two?
TO BEAT MY BROTHER JACOB every time and when Mikey starts I’m going to beat him too!
- What advice can you give to someone planning to being riding or racing?
Don’t look at the airplanes above when riding on the track and if you leave your helmet lens open a grasshopper can jump in and almost make you go off the track. Both happened to me.


Thanks for taking the time to visit with us Jojo! 

Look for more Bison Rider Features coming soon. If someone you know wears Bison gear and you feel they are feature-worthy, nominate them by emailing me at Go fast, be safe!


Glenda Simpson

So proud of you Jojo! We love you!!

Ronald Bush

This is one of my grandsons!! He is always a joy to be around and really loves to ride motorcycles n race !!

Bonnie Son

This boy has always been a mess! A great personality!! Love you JoJo! ❤️❤️❤️

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