The Bison Ordering Process: It’s Easier Than You Think!

A month ago Tosha and I were up in Illinois for the CCS races at Blackhawk Farms. As we always do, we made new friends and measured several racers trackside so that when they are ready to place their orders in the future, their measurements are on file and ready. It's a practice that simplifies the process and gives peace of mind to both me and the client when it comes to the final product fitting properly!

Weeks later we were at Pitt Race for the MotoAmerica Superbikes race and I saw one of the guys I had measured at Blackhawk. As we were visiting, he asked "I've been ready to order, but what do I do now? What's the next step?" When I told him he simply needed to go to our website and order he laughed and told me he would have ordered already had he known it was that simple! I'm hearing this a lot lately, so let's clear it up - here are the three steps that will make your new Bison gear a reality:

  1. Order on the website.
  2. Let us help you design your kit.
  3. Get measured.

START the process with an online order

We get several order inquiries daily, and people always ask "Where do I get started?" For us, the "GO button" is an order via our website store. When you place an order at, we get to work right away. While we can walk you through all the options and pricing individually, there are a lot of ways (3,876 to be exact) for you to opt your Bison leathers build. And that's before we even get to the design! 

But don't let that 3,876 number intimidate you. Choosing your materials, configuration, and options is easy! Have questions about which materials or construction is right for you? Check out our blogs which explain how to think about your design and how to choose your material. When you place your order you'll choose material, style (1-pc or 2-pc), riding style (road, drag, flat track, sidecar), fitment type (race or comfort) and perforation level. You'll also give us some quick notes on what you'd like to see in the design. Having the drop boxes and radio buttons for you to select your options narrows that 3,876 down very quickly and easily to the exact spec you would like your Bison leathers built!

Once your order is placed, we'll have your personal information on file including shipping address and phone number. We'll also have all your construction details, desired design and colors, and - if you've requested one - a desired deadline for completion. We receive an email immediately with these details, and our team gets to work.

Sidenote: What if I can't (or don't want to) order online?
This has come up on a few occasions, and we're happy to accommodate. While our website is the most efficient and thorough method of placing your order, we understand not everyone can or will order online. If this is the case for you, please contact us directly! We are happy to take your order in person, or via email or phone.   

Initial contact

Immediately after placing your order, you'll receive three automated emails from our system: One regarding the Fitment Guarantee policy, one explaining the measurement process and the FUN one: A design email! 

Designing your new bespoke gear

We understand that you might be intimidated by designing a custom suit. This is a relatively large investment, and the last thing we want is for you to get a suit you're not 100% in love with! We're here to help, and we have the expertise needed to make you look good no matter how tasteless you are.

Within that automated design email lies a Custom Design Profile (CDP) link. You'll want to take a look at the colors and templates then take a moment to fill out that profile link. Once you submit the CDP, you'll be assigned a Gear Customization Specialist (GCS) and start an initial draft or two, which the GCS will share with you in about 48 hours. From that point, your GCS will work 1-on-1 to really hammer out your vision and bring your "Bisonality to life!

You can approach your design in many ways: 

  1. Choose one of our many templates as a starting point for your design and we begin making it one of a kind;
  2. You submit something you've designed yourself in a digital program;
  3. You could even print and color our blank template using pencils, markers or crayons. Once you send the drawing back to us we can digitize your pattern and add logos;
  4. Our designers start something completely from scratch based on inspiration you've submitted to us (example: a race car livery or business logo). Keep in mind this option usually takes longer to complete than the ones above. 
  5. Refer to our blog which can help you in the creative process. 

Once you are happy with the base design, you'll choose colors from a palette of dozens of hues. We then add your patches, logos, etc. prior to final approval. 

    The measurement process

    As with the design process, there are a few ways to knock this one out:

    1. Ideally, we'd like to measure you personally. This can be done trackside or arrangements can be made to meet with you depending on your location. With this option you are protected with a Fitment Guarantee. 
    2. The second best option is to visit one of our Authorized Measurement Centers (AMC). Contact us to determine if there is a Bison AMC in your area. With this option you are protected with a Fitment Guarantee. 
    3. Measuring yourself is more intimidating than it is difficult. Check out our YouTube video for a comprehensive walkthrough of every measurement. From there, we can also schedule a video call to help walk you and a friend through the process. 
    4. The last option would be to visit a tailor. The reason this is a final option for this process is that tailors typically measure differently than we do, simply because they're measuring for clothing rather than a race suit. If you do elect to use a tailor, ask them to watch the YouTube video

    We find that half of our clients are most intimidated by the design phase, and the other half are intimidated by the measurements. We have many ways to help make both phases go as smoothly as possible. Don't worry about anything, simply let us know where your hesitations lie and we'll handle everything. 

    Then, the anticipation... 

    So that pretty much sums it up! We know how anxious and excited you are about your new Bison gear, especially once the order is placed. Depending on our number of pending orders, your suit will be delivered 6-8 weeks from the time your design is approved and your measurements are in hand. What if you have a trackday in 5 weeks and that guy who's been trolling you on the internet about your body position is planning to be there? You want to show him up and look as good as possible doing so. Let us know what your requested deadline is and although we can't guarantee it, we'll do everything possible to make it happen!

    When all is said and done you will more than likely be asking yourself why you didn't go with a bespoke Bison suit sooner. There simply is nothing like a custom fit, custom designed kit - especially one from Bison Track. We know you'll enjoy it for years to come. 


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