Bison Thor.3 Custom Motorcycle Racing Gloves

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Please note: As of January 1, 2023, custom gloves will be made with custom design on stock sizes. Custom size gloves can be made upon request at an additional $25. When should you get custom size gloves? If you can't fit your hands in any off rack glove, if you have unusually-proportioned hands or fingers, or if you're missing digits custom size gloves are for you!

Our Thor.3 race gauntlets can be customized just for you and matched to your suit design. If the Thor.1 glove is a good all-arounder and the Thor.2 focuses more on protection paired with dexterity, the Thor.3 could be best described as the svelte and lightweight option of the trio. Featuring a full top and bottom kangaroo chassis like the Thor.1 and Thor.2 models, this glove uses thinner hide with the tradeoff of even better feel versus long-term durability. These gloves were designed to satisfy the many requests from our racers who prefer a thinner, lighter glove. We looked at the competition, spec'd a chassis that mimicked the weight and feel of others on the market, then added protection in critical areas. What we ended up with was a glove that feels like it's already broken in right out of the box!

Thor.3 gloves may be trimmed down on weight, but not features. These gauntlets feature the following features standard:

  • Full kangaroo hide chassis
  • Double stitched seams throughout featuring Coats nylon thread
  • Reinforced finger tips and palm for added wear resistance
  • Plastic palm slider pucks backed with comfort foam
  • Exclusive "Scaled" finger segments provide overlapping, doubled-up hide over the top of the fingers
  • Pull tabs on thumb and wrist for easier ingress
  • Accordion joints at all knuckles for maximum comfort and mobility
  • Pinky/ring finger bridge standard (can be built without)
  • Rubber Bison branded elements
  • Extended length single-strap cuffs


Important Notes About Kangaroo
It is important to keep in mind that direct print on kangaroo hide is not as durable (long-lasting) as print on cowhide. For this reason, we ask that you consider this when designing your suit and gloves. Your Gear Customization Specialist will assist you in this area. We may utilize cowhide in printed areas or cut/stitch patterns and designs when possible. Please contact us for specific information and questions regarding kangaroo printing.


California Disclosure
The state of California has banned the sale of all items containing kangaroo leather. Therefore, Bison Track LLC does not import, import for sale, sell or ship products made with kangaroo leather to customers in the State of California.



How to measure for custom gloves (additional charges apply)


Get ready! In 3 easy steps, your track game is about to get a whole lot better...

Hit ‘Add to Cart’ and place your order! Create your Custom Design Profile with the link included in the Welcome to The Herd! email you’ll receive after your order is confirmed. Watch for an initial design mockup for your review, typically within 1-2 business days after your Custom Design Profile has been completed.

Production lead time is approximately 6-8 weeks from the time design and measurements are approved and submitted for production.

Got a question or need to get in touch? Message us!

You can also reach us at or (405) 252-0484.

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