Forcefield Isolator 2 Upgrade Armour

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Forcefield Isolator 2 Upgrade Armor can replace the standard CE Level 2 Bison shoulder and elbow armor inserts. It must be noted that the Forcefield hip and knee armor are smaller in their coverage area than the standard CE Level 2 Bison protectors. For this reason, they are not recommended for use in Bison suits.

  • Dri-M technology, a Forcefield exclusive. Dynamic = moldable to each riders body shape, Reactive = massive energy absorption capabilities and Intelligent = breathable, heat reactive with Repeat Performance technology (RPT) for consistent protection even after multiple impacts.
  • Super soft heat reactive Isolator 2 armor is only 12mm thick (limb armor)
  • Light weight, vented and breathable design.
  • Energy is dispersed evenly over the surface whilst remaining flexible, cool, light and comfortable.
  • CE approved to EN1621-2 Level 2
  • Please note some Forcefield armor may require trimming to fit optimally into the pockets of your suit.


Please note: Discounts do not apply to non-Bison branded items, including Helite, KYT, VnM and Forcefield.