2021 Bison Track Sponsored Rider, AJ Jacobsen

2021 Bison Track Sponsored Rider AJ Jacobsen Kennesaw Georgia

Location: Kennesaw, GA

Instagram: 302honeybadger

Facebook: aj.pamela.jacobsen

YouTube: pjindy00

Website: https://honeybadger302.blogspot.com/

Nickname: AJ

Favorite Track: Laguna Seca

How did you get into motorcycles? In early 2005, my ex announced he was getting a motorcycle, and my response was "if you are, I am! I've always wanted to ride!" Went through the MSF, and haven't looked back. Did my very first track day in 2011, attended more track days in 2012, and started racing regularly in late 2014.

Why do you ride? It's my passion. There is something special about a twisty road on a warm afternoon with the sun shining through the trees. The community is special and unique, creating connections I never would have otherwise made.

I love this sport, both on and off the track....but racing makes the rest of life boring.

Career Highlight: Winning my first race "against the boys" in the AFM's Legacy Middleweight class as a novice racer at Sonoma Raceway.

Favorite Bike to Ride: Of my bikes, my race bike (2017 ZX10R) now that it's set up well for me.

How do you prepare to go on the track? I spend a few minutes focusing on what I'm working on, with my music of choice in my earbuds, shutting out the sounds of other people's conversations.

Goals for 2021: To do what I set out to do in 2020 before life took a hard left! Race local WERA/CCS rounds, and *hopefully* finally make that MotoAmerica wildcard (if a few things work out in the next few months).

Why do you choose Bison Track? Not only do I know the owners and trust that they are 100% doing everything they can to make the best gear available, I also have a few friends who not only wear but have crash tested the Bison gear and it's quality is apparent, and the customer service is top notch!