2021 Bison Track Sponsored Rider, Blake Dresdow

 2021 Bison Track Sponsored Rider Blake Dresdow Walnut Creek California

Location: Walnut Creek, CA

Instagram: blake_dresdow

Facebook: Blake Dresdow

Favorite Track: Thunderhill

How did you get into motorcycles? Was a library assistant in junior high and always loved reading Dirt Bike magazine. I rode mountain bikes and raced a little in the 90’s. Never rode a motorcycle until I was in my 30’s but always had the bug to ride. Finally pulled the trigger about 14 years ago and have been riding ever since.

Why do you ride? Riding on two wheels has a similar flow to it that few other activities can give. Hitting a corner just right or stringing together consistent laps are just a couple of things that keep you striving to be better.

Favorite Bike to Ride: My Aprilia Tuono. The torque is addictive.

How do you prepare to go on the track? Check my tire pressure and that’s about it. I’m pretty basic. I like to ride with the number 13 but other than that nothing special to prep.

Goals for 2021: Be more consistent. Ride with purpose.

Why do you choose Bison Track? The product is of a high quality and Bison supports their riders. Also, there’s no denying that the Lackey’s are committed to seeing the company be successful.