2021 Bison Track Sponsored Rider, Britney Cloward

2021 Bison Track Sponsored Rider Britney Cloward Austin Texas


Location: Austin, TX

Instagram: madworld6

Facebook Profile: Britney Cloward

Favorite Track: Harris Hill Raceway

How did you get into motorcycles? My dad had a motorcycle as long as I can remember and it was always on my bucket list to have my own motorcycle one day. Just over a year ago, I realized that if I didn't do it now, I would never do it, so I signed up for the safety course to get my endorsement that weekend and it's been a downhill spiral (or upward?) of motorcycle obsession ever since. I could never have imagined I would be addicted to the track and working toward obtaining my CMRA license, but now I can't imagine life without it.

Why do you ride? For the confidence, freedom, independence, and pure joy that being on a motorcycle brings. All the hard things and stresses in life fade away when you're on a motorcycle, especially when it's on the track.

Career Highlight: Completing my first race (and not coming in last)!

Favorite Bike to Ride: Kawasaki Ninja 400

How do you prepare to go on the track? Lay out everything I need to bring to the track the night before, pop up in the morning stoked to be at the track, and arrive to the track early enough to put my gear on and get on two wheels the minute we get the green flag.

Goals for 2021: Obtain my CMRA license and participate in endurance races throughout the 2021 season.

Why do you choose Bison Track? Robert and Tosha have created a company based on passion for the sport and desire to provide fellow riders with gear that can be as customized and unique as the rider. Their costs are competitive without compromising quality.

2021 Bison Track Sponsored Rider Britney Cloward Austin Texas