2021 Bison Track Sponsored Rider, Chandler Slagle


2021 Bison Track Sponsored Rider Chandler Slagle Denison Texas


Location: Denison, TX

Instagram: cslagle545

Facebook Profile: Chandler Slagle

Nickname: Speed Bump

Favorite Track: Barber Motorsports Park

How did you get into motorcycles? From as early as i can remember, i always thought motorcycles were cool. My mom however, disagreed. She always said, "There is NO way in my household, that you and your brothers will own motorcycles". I always figured this stemmed from the fact that the day my mom met my dad, he had a paper sack with some of the parts left over from his motorcycle that he had wrecked a few days prior. Motorcycles were dangerous. My brothers and I decided when we would just have to wait till we were adults and buy them anyway. Years later, my brothers and I all ride, and my mom has a Ninja 250 of her own!

Why do you ride? For me, riding is my get away from the stress of life's responsibilities and hardships. When i feel overwhelmed with everything, a little throttle therapy to clear my head has always done me well. Riding a motorcycle proficiently at high speed requires ALL of your attention and focus, leaving no room for anything else. It's hard to answer such a question simply, but sometimes the saying 'less is more' rings true. For me, its a meditation in motion.

Career Highlight: Winning my first ever race at the same race track the first race back after i nearly died at almost a year prior. Placing 17th in my second MotoAmerica appearance at Barber Motorsports Park

Favorite Bike to Ride: BMW S1000RR

How do you prepare to go on the track? Rossi stretch followed by a few deep breaths on the bike

Goals for 2021: [ ] Score points in a MotoAmerica Twins Cup race
[ ] Win an off-road race
[ ] Improve as a rider, an athlete and an ambassador of the sport

Why do you choose Bison Track? Bison Track has a special place in my heart. Rob and I became friends through our rivalry in the CMRA series and lots of close racing, which grew into a friendship with the entire Lackey clan. When Rob approached me about his business idea, I was skeptical, but his passion about the sport and desire to 'get it right' was apparent. I knew he wouldn't put me in a suit that he didn't trust completely to save his own hide. Bison is more than just a motorcycle leathers company, its a family, a herd, of like-minded motorcycle enthusiasts, passionate about enjoying our sport in the safest way possible.

2021 Bison Track Sponsored Rider Chandler Slagle Denison Texas 2021 Bison Track Sponsored Rider Chandler Slagle Denison Texas 2021 Bison Track Sponsored Rider Chandler Slagle Denison Texas