2021 Bison Track Sponsored Rider, Hai Yee Chen

2021 Bison Track Sponsored Rider Hai Yee Chen Houston Texas
Photo Credit: Hart Photography


Location: Houston, TX

Instagram: chenspeed

Facebook: Hai Yee Chen

Favorite Track: So far it's a toss up between NYST and COTA

How did you get into motorcycles? Got my first bike (2004 GSXR600) when I was 20, crashed bad a couple months later and then got the bike stolen a few months after that. Moved overseas to Taiwan where I rode a PGO GMAX 200 scooter as a commuter and thru the mountain twisties. That's where I actually learned to handle turns. Did about 7-8 track days at NJMP in 2010-2011, moved overseas and stopped riding until 2018-2019 once i settled back in the states full-time.

Why do you ride? I ride for the joy of it. It makes me feel simultaneously amped up and at peace. Every time I get on two wheels whether it be track, road or trails, I’m in my worry-free happy place. Now that my two boys are riding, it’s even better since I get to share this passion with them.

Career Highlight: Just being lucky enough to be able to own and ride motorcycles =)

Favorite Bike to Ride: Street Triple RS

How do you prepare to go on the track? Hydrate hydrate hydrate a few days in advance. Mountain biking and stretches. 3-4hrs of sleep since I’m loading up my trailer and car the night before. I’m notoriously forgetful and slow so it takes more time than it should. Also, most importantly is reminding myself that it’s all for the fun and smiles.

Goals for 2021: Do at least 15 track days from Texas to the East Coast and ride some new tracks (Summit, Palmer, Poconos, Barber, etc). Get license with CCS/CMRA and do some races for fun. Get 1:30 at NJMP Thunderbolt. Learn to my head out of the MSRH funk.

Why do you choose Bison Track? After meeting with Rob and Tosha at the Dallas moto show and seeing the Bison Track gear in person I was sold. Before this I was going to stick with my RS Taichi route since their gear has always fit me well and can attest to the quality. However, seeing is believing and actually using Bison gear for the 2019 season I became a huge fan of the products as well as the people behind it. I've gone thru two crashes already and the suit held up well, love the extra protection by the stingray sliders. I'm all about great value without the loss of quality in both product and services and Bison definitely brings it.