2021 Bison Track Sponsored Rider, Nick Schmal

2021 Bison Track Sponsored Rider Nick Schmal Covington Washington 

Location: Covington, WA

Instagram: theschmalski

Facebook: nick.schmal

Favorite Track: The Ridge Motorsports Park

How did you get into motorcycles? My dad was a lifelong rider and he got me started riding in the dirt at 4, haven’t looked back since!

Why do you ride? The level of physical and mental engagement and personal commitment required to ride well creates fulfillment unlike just about anything else one could pursue. And... because moto people are the best people!

Career Highlight: Getting to the point in life where my wide and son both ride with me! Nothing better than seeing the joy in their eyes.

Favorite Bike to Ride: This is tough. On the street, My is the most versatile and fun bike I’ve ever ridden, but any pure sports bike is hard to beat. On the track, I love big fast serious bikes, but the most fun ( and maybe my favorite... shhh don’t tell the macho dudes) is my wife’s R3. Every time I get on that thing on a track it’s like being a kid again. More smiles per cc than anything else

How do you prepare to go on the track? Lots of checklists, visualization, and the exact right playlist on Spotify.

Goals for 2021: This will be my novice season racing with WMRRA in the middleweight supersport class. 3 main goals: 1) complete NRS 2) safely complete all my races this year ( planning on at least 10) 3) record at least 1 top 10 finish in the class.

Why do you choose Bison Track? Safety matters to me, so I like having a personal relationship with the people that are providing the equipment that keeps me in one piece. The team at bison puts a lot of thought into their designs because they care about the people that wear their suits. quality, service, and value are their thing.

2021 Bison Track Sponsored Rider Nick Schmal Covington Washington 2021 Bison Track Sponsored Rider Nick Schmal Covington Washington