2021 Bison Track Sponsored Rider, Tim Nelson

2021 Bison Track Sponsored Rider Tim Nelson

Location: Chicago, IL

Instagram: gpslice

Facebook: Tim Nelson

YouTube: Tim Nelson

hookit: Tim Nelson

Favorite Track: Barber Motorsports Park and Road America

How did you get into motorcycles?: I purchased my first motorcycle in 2009 and shortly after was introduced to track days. A local motorcycle dealer that my friend works for has a private track day every year for their customers. After attending the event for 2 years I was hooked on the track. I participated in more and more trackdays each year there after and finally made the jump to racing.

Why do you ride?: For me, riding a motorcycle allows me to be in the moment and focus on one thing — the next objective on track. The next braking point, tip in, apex, or exit. Riding motorcycles truly allows you to be in the present.

Career Highlight: CCS, Road America, Amateur ASRA Sportbike - 3rd place; AHMRA, Blackhawk Farms, Formula Thunder Race 2 - 3rd place; AHMRA, Blackhawk Farms, Sounds Thunder 1 Race 1 - 3rd place; AHMRA, Gingerman Raceway, Formula Thunder Race 1 - 2nd place; AHMRA, Gingerman Raceway, Formula Thunder Race 2 - 2nd place; AHMRA, Gingerman Raceway, Sound of Thunder 1 Race 2 - 2nd place

Favorite Bike to Ride: 2014 Triumph Daytona 675R

How do you prepare to go on the track? The nerves always kick in for me before heading out on track. Having a routine helps out tremendously with this. Knowing you have everything in place and ready to go helps you keep me focused on what I need to do on track.

Goals for 2021: In 2021 I will work to improve my race pace and craft, aim to win my first race, and achieve my goal to earn a national top 3 ranking in my classes.

Why do you choose Bison Track? After seeing the Bison Track suits at the track the brand caught my eye. I had not heard of Bison Track and immediately began researching the brand. I have required minor alterations on my previous suits and the idea of a bespoke suit designed specifically for me sounded like a great idea. After reading up on the brand and speaking to one of my competitors who wears Bison my decision for a new suit was made.