2024 Sponsored Riders

Hello, fellow moto enthusiast! We're so glad you've decided to apply for our 2024 Sponsored Rider program. Please make sure to review this application carefully as we've made some changes from years past. We're paring down our number of sponsored riders while opening three other avenues for partnership opportunities: Ambassadors, Trackside Partners and Gear Up Partners!

There are a couple of reasons for the change. First, we felt that the number of sponsored riders last season got a little excessive. Our purpose is always to support as many riders as possible but frankly, this program is a lot of work and we were spread thin trying to get everyone taken care of! Second, we felt that we could present an opportunity for those who might not be a sponsored rider to have an association with us in a different capacity while at the same time benefitting more than they would at a lower discount tier. Hence, the four potential paths to Bison partnership!

Please take a moment to review the descriptions listed in the form to determine which of the four opportunities you would like to target. Keep in mind if we do not have openings available in your selected partnership path (or if we feel you may be a better fit elsewhere), we may offer you an alternative opportunity for 2024. In the application form you will see the question "Why do you think this program fits you best?" This will weigh on our decision so give it some thought and be honest!

We understand there may be some anxiety and apprehension with the new structure for 2024 but we truly feel that these new paths will benefit many more people in a greater capacity! We're excited to roll this out next season but there is a lot of work to be done reviewing and selecting our riders from what is sure to be the biggest list of applicants yet! As always, the selection process begins November 1, with offers going out via email mid-November. Those who accept the offer will be formally inducted into the program by December, giving everyone plenty of time to get their kits sorted by the start of the '24 season.

We appreciate your interest in the Bison Sponsored Rider program. If you have any questions about the program (or anything else Bison related), don't hesitate to call us at (405) 252-0484 or email info@bisontrack.com.

Our 2024 Sponsorship Application window is now open! Click here to apply. The sponsorship application window is open every October to select Sponsored Riders for the following year.