AirHide Compatible Air Vests

Bison Track Airhide


The following air vests are known to be compatible with the Bison Track Thor.2 AirHide motorcycle racing suits. Vest is not included in purchase of suit from Bison Track.

  • Alpinestars Tech-Air Race
  • Alpinestars Tech-Air 5
  • Dainese Smart Jacket
  • Duhan Motorcycle Air-Bag Vest
  • Helite Integrated E-Vest (Certified for use with Bison AirHide. Can be purchased pre-installed in your suit using "Powered by Helite" option, or retrofitted into AirHide suits manufactured after Jan.1, 2021. Installation must be completed in-house by Bison.)
  • Helite Turtle
  • Ixon U03
  • Klim AI-1

*IMPORTANT: While Bison AirHide is compatible with multiple air vests, only the Helite Integrated E-Vest is approved by the manufacturer for use in Bison suits. In addition, the wearer is responsible for procuring the air vest and any related components needed for use with the product. This includes the LED/wiring harness required for use with the Alpinestars TechAir Race.