Elise Crandell, Gear Customization Specialist

Elise Crandell Gear Customization Specialist


Bison Gear Customization Specialist Elise Crandell admits she wasn't a "motorcycle chick" at all.⁣

Then her husband, and Bison sponsored racer, Bobby Crandell got a motorcycle. Elise didn't want him riding on the street, so trackdays were their compromise. When Elise discovered #tracklife she did a complete 180, and she was the one that actually "made" Bobby start racing.⁣

"I absolutely LOVE the track and would love to own a track someday. Haha. I wanted to work with Bison because I saw they had integrity. I have done custom work all my professional life, but really saw they had something special."⁣

We've definitely got something special with Elise — designing suits, working with clients, approving orders for production — she does it all!⁣


Contact Elise anytime at ecrandell@bisontrack.com .