Kathy Wagoner, Shipping Specialist

Kathy Wagoner Shipping Specialist


They say "don't do business with family." Well, we threw that one right out the window when we hired Kathy Wagoner and couldn't be happier about it! ⁣

Kathy is Bison Co-Founder Tosha Lackey's mother. About two years ago, the orders became frequent enough to warrant a dedicated shipping and receiving person, and Kathy stepped right up to the task.⁣

Unlike most of our team, Kathy prefers to work quietly behind the scenes. You won't see her at the track or events very often — in fact, you won't even see many photos of her (we had to lift this picture out of an archived video!) 😆⁣

Despite this, when you receive your new Bison gear and apparel you can take comfort in knowing that all your items were inspected and packaged with care in Wichita, Kansas, by Kathy. She is our entire shipping and receiving department after all, and she takes great pride in that job! ⁣

So even though they say don't do business with family, we're very fortunate to have made an exception to the rule with Kathy! Bison wouldn't happen without her. Thank you, Kathy, for all you do for us and The Herd! 🙏⁣