Khit Masoud, Northern Herd Leader

Khit Masoud Northern Herd Leader


If you're in the Chicago area and have had a chance to meet rider and @lroc312 founder Khit Masoud, then you know when she approaches you to tell you she's a big fan and wants to support Bison you say yesss!⁣

This woman is a force. Originally from Northern California, she started riding in the Bay Area in 2006, and since then, two wheel life has become a regular part of maintaining her mental health. She was first introduced to the Track Community when she moved to Chicago and has been addicted ever since, completing more than 50 track days in the past two years.⁣

As our very first Herd Leader, Khit will be stoking the flame for all our current and prospective members in the North and Midwest. She first learned about Bison through her significant other, and Bison sponsored racer @mike_kochalka, and says it was refreshing that she could finally have a custom track suit for her body.⁣

"From street riding to track gear, there isn't much for women in general and it's uncomfortable. We women have all shapes, sizes, curves, chest ...... ha!"⁣

Khit's excited to join a family-owned business that caters to an individual's measurements, comfort preferences and adding your own signature by designing the gear yourself...all while going FAST and being safe! ⁣

Educating others is her passion, so give her a follow over at @survivor_khit — and if you're in the Chicago area, look for her carving corners at a track near you!⁣


Contact Khit anytime at .