Robert Lackey, Co-Founder

Bison Track Co-Founder Robert Lackey Indianapolis Motor Speedway


If ever there was a "perfect job listing" for Bison Track Co-Founder Rob Lackey, it would read something like this:


"Candidate must be willing to live on the road full-time and meet awesome new people at motorcycle events all across North America. Must have a creative mind and a passion for creating products which push industry standards in terms of both function and fashion. Candidate must be capable of providing excellent customer service by relating to - and connecting with - the motorcycle community on the ground level."


BOOM that's Rob's dream job in a nutshell! He couldn't find that listing, so he created the position himself by founding Bison Track with his wife Tosha. 


After 20 years in the automotive industry (doing everything from paint and body work to managing service departments), Rob decided it was time for a change. He figured his skills in management and customer service paired with his passion for motorcycle gear and graphic design would translate well to the custom motorcycle gear industry, and with Tosha's skills in accounting and marketing they would be unstoppable!


As it turns out Bison Track was indeed a home run. After just a couple years in business, Bison Track is the fastest growing custom motorcycle gear business in North America thanks to a model based around excellent customer service and equally-awesome quality gear. As an added bonus the Lackeys are at a race track or event in a new venue almost every weekend, which has been a great experience for the entire family. It's safe to say Rob has found his calling and Bison Track is here to stay!


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