What to Expect?

Here’s what to expect when you first step into your new kit:

  1. The fit may be different than you’re used to with an off-rack suit - and that’s normal! Your new suit will likely be quite snug when you first put it on (especially if you opted for Race Fit). Don’t be alarmed. Recruit a helper if necessary and wiggle your way into them. Conversely, some areas (like the lower back and butt) may be looser than you expected. Again, that’s all by design as this suit is made for an ergonomic fit in your riding position.
  2. Get on a bike! Once dressed, we ask that you sit on (or ride) your motorcycle. In a riding position everything should start to fall into place. Keep in mind that the first time you swing your leg over the bike things might be a bit restrictive. 
  3. Moisture and stretching go a long way. As long as your gear is comfortable enough to ride with, don’t give up on it. A solid weekend at the track or a long road trip should start to loosen things up. At home, wear the suit during exercises or even while stretching in a crouch in a steamy bathroom. The little things will start to make a big difference. 

Once broken in, keep your gear looking and performing like new by cleaning and caring for it on a regular basis. Visit our website www.bisontrack.com to read blogs on these subjects, and subscribe to our YouTube channel (Bison Track Gear) for tutorials, rider interviews and new product announcements!

Thank you so much for supporting our dream. Welcome to The Herd!

Go Fast, Be Safe.

Rob, Tosha and the Bison Team!


Can’t get a leg over your bike? Can’t zip the suit? Can’t crouch? Your issue may not be remedied with break-in time. If you are experiencing discomfort or a hindrance in mobility, there is a chance your measurements were incorrect or there was an error during assembly.  In the world of custom-fitting garments, there are mistakes from time-to-time. Here’s what to do if you suspect an issue (fitment, workmanship or otherwise):

  1. DON’T PANIC. There’s a reason we’re known for excellent customer service at Bison. We’ll assess your situation and help get you situated as quickly as possible!
  2. Start an Issue Resolution claim via our Issues Resolution (IR) Intake Form. You must include front, back and side photos of you wearing the item both on and off the bike (or in a crouching position), pointing out any specific areas of concern.
  3. Our Customer Experience Specialist will determine the best course of action based on your issue. At that time we may provide a shipping label to have the item returned for inspection. 
  4. Upon inspection, Bison will alter or replace the item as deemed necessary. 


There’s so much to cover and explain in regards to this topic! Rather than bore you with more words here, please hop over to YouTube and check out our Bison Track Gear channel. We will have videos that explain what to do in the case of a crash, and how to care for your gear on a normal basis. Be sure to subscribe to our channel and click the bell icon for notifications anytime we upload new content!


As a small business with limited advertising resources, customer reviews are invaluable to us! Google and Facebook reviews are so very appreciated. If for any reason you are unhappy with your product or service, please contact Rob and Tosha directly at rlackey@bisontrack.com.