Benefits of Motorcycle Racing Gear

Bison Track is a company born from a passion for protective, stylish motorcycle gear. Countless hours of design, production and perfection have led us to provide the best value on the market when it comes to bespoke motorcycle racing suits, gloves and accessories. Let’s talk about the benefits of motorcycle racing gear and what you can expect from our products.

Very obviously, safety is the most important aspect to consider when it comes to your gear. When riding a motorcycle at triple-digit speeds the last thing you want to think about is whether or not you are truly protected for the slide. Let’s break down each component and talk about the benefits of motorcycle racing gear and the role the serve in keeping you safe.

First we have the leathers. Clearly the largest piece of the protective puzzle, your leather suit should not be an area of compromise. For this reason we construct the suit from top-quality 1.2-1.4mm cowhide leather or .9-1.2mm kangaroo leather. As a third option, we offer a “vegan” textile track suit which includes no animal products! Stitching is premium Coats nylon thread, with the no-cost option of Kevlar thread. Extremely durable, abrasion and heat resistant materials allow our hides to protect yours!

Next, our armor inserts. Impact typically occurs prior to the slide, and we do our best to ensure those impacts have minimal effects on your body. Standard CE Level 2 certified armor are located in 15 positions within the leathers, and Forcefield armor is available as an option for even more protection! In addition, genuine stingray skin slider panels are affixed on the hips and forearms (the first places to typically hit the asphalt). These panels are nearly impenetrable and protect the stitching seams from damage that might occur in a quick lowside. With the exception of Forcefield, the above features are included standard on both Thor.1 and Thor.2 suits.

The last feature of our suits is standard on Thor.2 suits and can be added to Vintage Rebirth suits as well as jackets: AirHide air vest compatibility. AirHide is a non-proprietary system which allows for the use of seven of the most popular air vests on the market today! These include Alpinestars TechAir, Dainese Smart Jacket, Duhan tether vest, HitAir, In&Motion, Spidi system and Helite Turtle. Please note your choice of vest must be purchased separately.

Don’t forget we make excellent gloves! With two distinct options available we have a glove to suit your taste and preference. Our Thor.1 race gauntlet is the tried-and-trued glove with full kangaroo construction, kevlar thread, boxed hand and finger design, stingray slide protection, plastic palm sliders and more. Our all-new Thor.2 race gauntlet adds stingray palm sliders, additional padding on fingers and knuckles, vented finger sliders, a crossover cuff fastening system for additional range of adjustment, and our exclusive Active Wrist Impact System (AWIS). AWIS rewrites the rulebook when it comes to both wrist mobility and impact protection. Either choice is a great compliment to your Bison race leathers and will do a phenomenal job keeping you in control and safe on the racetrack.

For more information regarding the benefits of motorcycle racing gear, our features or construction, contact us today and a member of our team will be happy to assist!